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    The popular belief that women are not naturally able to bond with each other is often supported by theoretical and empirical evidence that unrelated females do not bond in nonhuman primate species. Bonobos rare and endangered African apes, also known as pygmy chimpanzees are with their congener, chimpanzees the closest living relatives of humans and appear to be an exception to this characterization. Moreover, they control access to highly desirable food, share it with each other more often than with males, engage in same-sex sexual interactions in order to reduce tension, and form alliances in which they cooperatively attack males and inflict injuries. Their power does not stem from a size equality with or advantage over males in fact, females average
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    Sexual Differences in Chimpanzee Sociality

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    Animal Sex: How Chimps Do It | Chimpanzee Courtship & Mating | Live Science

    Scientists usually attribute sexual differences in sociality to sex-specific dispersal patterns and the availability of kin within the social group. In most primates, the dispersing sex, which has fewer kin around, is the less social sex. Chimpanzees fit well into the pattern, with highly social philopatric males and generally solitary dispersing females. However, researchers in West Africa have long suggested that female chimpanzees can be highly social. Though we found a significant sexual difference in each of the 3 parameters, with males being more social than females, the actual values do not reveal striking differences between the sexes and do not support the notion of female chimpanzees as asocial: females had dyadic association indices comparable to mixed-sex dyads, spent ca.
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    Do bonobos really spend all their time having sex?

    Though chimpanzees and humans share about 99 percent of the same DNA, numerous physical and behavioral traits separate us from our closest living relatives. But are we different even when it comes to sex? Just how do chimpanzees "do it?
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    At a juncture in history during which women are seeking equality with men, science arrives with a belated gift to the feminist movement. Male-biased evolutionary scenarios--Man the Hunter, Man the Toolmaker and so on--are being challenged by the discovery that females play a central, perhaps even dominant, role in the social life of one of our nearest relatives. In the past two decades many strands of knowledge have come together concerning a relatively unknown ape with an unorthodox repertoire of behavior: the bonobo. The bonobo is one of the last large mammals to be found by science. The creature was discovered in in a Belgian colonial museum, far from its lush African habitat.
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